Company Overview

Kristen Cherry, Director of Market Management

Kristen Cherry joined the VacationRoost team in 2009 after gaining valuable experience as the Director of Operations for Moguls Mountain Travel. Kristen is a highly experienced business development and relationships leader with a record of success promoting the growth of organizations in travel, tourism, and hospitality over the last ten years.

Kristen is considered a "game changer" in the development of local, regional, and international mountain markets, and is also recognized for promoting a culture of pride in product and performance within our Market Management team. As an acknowledged leader in strategically aligning the needs of the “green” and active lifestyle customer through contracted product and packaging, she is recognized as a turn-around specialist who quickly changes underperforming businesses into top-market performers. Kristen’s love for the outdoors and passion for business development make her the perfect fit for the travel industry. Kristen holds a BA in Environmental Studies from Brevard College in North Carolina.

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