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Frequently Asked Questions
What is a vacation rental?

Our vacation rentals are professionally-managed homes, condos, villas, cottages and cabins that give you more bang for your buck than traditional hotel rooms. With the same and often better price than a hotel room, you’ll get a unit with a full kitchen, more rooms, multiple bedrooms, private hot tubs, garages laundry rooms and amenities you can’t find in a hotel room. You can choose from a 10-bedroom luxury home vacation rental to a rustic cabin or villa on the beach. Our vacation rentals offer more selection, better service and lower prices, making it easy for families, groups and couples to find the perfect rental to suit their needs – whether it’s a luxury vacation home in the heart of the action or a quaint secluded getaway.

What can I find on VacationRoost?

What sets our vacation rentals apart is a vast selection of privately-owned homes, condos, villas and cabins. Our home vacation rentals offer what hotels usually don't: privacy, full kitchens, private hot tubs, hi-speed internet, multiple rooms, and large flat screens with high definition TV. Whether it's a villa on the beach or a luxurious cabin on the slopes, VacationRoost has the vacation rentals you're looking for.

I’m Looking For Mountain Reservations, what happened?

Mountain Reservations is now part of the VacationRoost network. Mountain Reservations has been helping customers find and book their perfect ski vacations since 2001, and continues this tradition today. We have expanded the scope of the Company to now offer Vacation Rentals across North America in the most popular Beach and Outdoor vacation destinations. To do that, we needed a broader name – hence VacationRoost! You’ll find all of the great vacation rental homes, condos, lodges and cabins that Mountain Reservations represented here on the VacationRoost Web site. You can also reach all of the same great Travel Experts who have helped our customers in the past when you call to book one of our properties.

Why should I choose a vacation rental?

A vacation rental’s overall value will give you a better vacation experience. With the same, and often better price, you’ll get kitchens, more rooms, private hot tubs, garages and other amenities that you can’t get in a hotel. See Why Vacation Rentals for more information.

Can I book lift tickets, car rentals and other destination services with VacationRoost?

Yes, we offer many extra services such as transportation, golf packages, lift tickets and rental cars. Call an agent to set up your rentals and activities before you arrive.

What is so important about renting a “professionally-managed” vacation rental?

You’ll know what you’re getting before you arrive. And the second you arrive, you'll be even happier. A professionally-managed vacation rental is run by a property management company on location that makes sure the rental is in prime condition. How different from the often disappointing discoveries you make when you book a rent-by-owner property: the condition of your rental is often a mystery beforehand, or it's full of "surprises" on arrival, and the owners can be hard to reach (and living thousands of miles away).

What is your Best Rate Guarantee?

We have the best vacation rental prices online. If you find a better rate somewhere else, we’ll match it or give you a refund.

Why should I book my vacation rental on VacationRoost.com?

It comes down to four reasons: selection, service, price and trust:• Since we started in 2001, we’ve accumulated more professionally-managed properties than any other site. • We only list vacation rentals that provide the best service to their guests, and we offer 24-hour on-call service for customers in case there are any problems. We also provide inside destination-specific information and vacation packages. • Our relationships with property management companies have enabled us to secure the best rates for our customers. • In 2007, more than 15,000 vacation rentals were booked with us, more than any other site that deals specifically with professionally-managed vacation rentals. We are veterans of the industry, which means you can trust us to bring you the best professionally-managed vacation rentals.

Can I book large groups?

Yes, please! A group is considered 10 rooms or 20 or more people. Call an agent today to find the perfect spot for your group.

Are the properties timeshares?

No. They are privately-owned accommodations run by professional property management companies.

If I have a problem with a rental what do I do?

First of all, don’t panic. All of our properties are run by professional management companies with onsite management to ensure a hotel-like stay. Each unit has a front desk or a rental office and 24-hour contact information. In addition, a member of the VacationRoost staff can be reached 24 hours a day to take care of your needs.

What is the availability of the properties?

VacationRoost is working to bring real-time availability to all of our vacation rentals. The availability of thousands of our properties are updated daily. For these properties, you will see an availability calendar on the property details page. If there is no calendar, send us a quick e-mail or give us a call to check availability.

What is the difference between Premium Plus properties and Standard properties on VacationRoost?

The Premium Plus properties on VacationRoost.com represent all properties that have the highest level of customer service and can be booked directly with VacationRoost. With Premium Plus properties, VacationRoost.com will offer additional Travel Expert support upon the reservation, check-in and vacation stay. In addition, VacationRoost.com maintains great relationships with all Premium Plus properties in order to offer the Best Rate Guarantee.

Are vacation rentals the same as “fractionals?”

No. With a fractional you have part ownership where you can stay for reduced rates. With a vacation rental, all you’re doing is renting the property for the amount of time you want to stay, no strings attached.

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