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Customer Testimonials
Customer service genius!  You were so helpful and on the game I would always use you and recommend you and your company to everyone I look forward to doing this again.

Yitzchak R.
Vacationed in: Aspen, Colorado

Thanks a MILLION!!!  Had a great trip as always and the accommodations were really nice!!

Talk to you next year!!!

Charles C.
Vacationed in: Park City, Utah

This is the third time that I've worked through VacationRoost, and I wanted to mention that you are a great group to work with!  Always upbeat, so quick with the info, and very candid in advising what might be best for what we are looking for...

Kat M.
Vacationed in: Beaver Creek, Colorado

Our family keeps coming back to the properties and the services of VacationRoost for our grand gatherings.  We have an extended family of 20 individuals, spanning four generations, with ages ranging from newborn to 92--what a challenge for VacationRoost!  But we have had perfect vacations with attentive service and incredibly beautiful properties in Puerto Vallarta and Grand Cayman Island.   The interesting locations, the spectacular homes and the varied activities have created wonderful memories and a desire to do it again next year--going far beyond my hope that we would all still like each other after a week together!

Diane P.
Vacationed in: Puerto Vallarta

The condos we’ve found through VacationRoost have been uniformly excellent: premier locations, luxurious furnishings, and super-easy check-in procedures.  VacationRoost has never failed to deliver high quality accommodations for our family in some of the most sought-after destinations in the world.

Tim N.
Vacationed in: Grand Cayman

I did not want to let it pass more time before saying thank you.  You did an outstanding job and within 2 days you were able to find us, and please my sister along the way (which, trust me, is a challenge in itself) a great place in Lionshead whichmeets ALL our needs and expectations.

I wanted to make sure I not only recognized the incredible excellence in service and processes established by your firm but also thanking you and making you part of what promises to be an special time for our family, 19 of us all together!!! (10 nephews, 3 brothers and one sister, three spouses,and my mother, the whole family!) I think that is the rewarding part of anyone’s job that sometimes is undervalued for those being served.  The value you created by executing so fast and providing an attractive value proposition for us is what allows us know to be able to spend time together, all of us, as a family and be able to bond and continue building into our family legacy, you are part of it and I must recognized that, it is my responsibility and obligation to you all.

I commend you for such a great company and service and look forward to continue doing business with you and your team…and for sure will keep you informed of the success of our Holiday Family Vacation in Vail.

Thank you!

Jorge R.
Vacationed in: Vail

Everything went smoothly thanks to your help.  My family enjoyed the condo and of course the mountains were just fabulous.  I appreciate your attention to detail and the way that I felt you took a personal interest in locating exactly the sort of place we were seeking.   I know you probably work for some big machine type organization, but you definitely didn't respond that way to my requests.  So, I hope you know that taking extra interest makes a difference for people. 

Alice L.
Vacationed in: Breckenridge

I just wanted to thank you so very much for putting together my trip to Beaver Creek this year...unit, car rental, etc.  Everyone is very happy.  Keep me in mind for next year as this is ourfavorite family vacation.  Again, my thanks and gratitude.

Cheryl H.
Vacationed in: Beaver Creek
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