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Reach the millions of travelers who are looking for ski, golf, beach, mountain and other outdoor vacations. The VacationRoost Network encompasses 23 leading ski Web sites and thousands of the best properties across North America and the Caribbean.

We’ve been in business since 2001 and have built a loyal, customer travel base with:

  • More than 300,000 e-mail subscribers
  • Close to 8 million annual user sessions
  • Approximately four page views per visit

Our customers are loyal, high income and well-traveled consumers that book vacation rentals with us year after year. When you partner with us and list vacation rentals, you become part of a large network that will fill your units faster. Here’s some ways we can help you get more exposure, and more bookings:

  • Weekly Deals – “Opt-in” e-mail
  • Custom Weekly Deals – “Opt-in” e-mail
  • Monthly “Travel Times” Newsletter – “Opt-in” e-mail
  • Featured Properties – Online merchandising

Weekly Deals
javascript:makeItBig(this,varRight);Do you want to promote specials and deals? This is the perfect product for you. Each week, VacationRoost sends out a “Weekly Deals” e-mail that markets your specials to thousands of consumers in your demographic.

To get started, choose one of three options:

1. Premium
Four promotion spots. These spots get four times as many click-throughs as the standard option

2. Plus
Four promotion spots. These spots get twice as many click-throughs as the standard option.

3. Standard
This is part of the basic program provided to all Premium Plus suppliers who have listed their property on VacationRoost.com

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Monthly “Travel Times” Newsletter
The Travel Timesis a bi-monthly publication written by Dan Bischoff, a leading travel journalist. Bischoff writes an article each month on both beach and mountain destinations, describing unique aspects of the area and informing the reader of what to do and where to go. These are our top lead generating e-mails. We allow a partner to exclusively sponsor these newsletters, and in turn, we highlight and promote the sponsor’s properties.

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Custom E-mails
We’ll work with you to create a custom e-mail that focuses solely on your properties. These e-mails will have the same large audience as the Weekly Deals but readers will only see your rentals.

javascript:makeItBig(this, varLeft); Featured Properties
This is the best opportunity for partners on VacationRoost.com to make your property stand out in the crowd. Featured Properties are booked sooner and get at least three times more clicks than other properties. Choose one of two options to get more exposure:

1. Premium
List a Vacation Rental and feature your property at the VacationRoost.com home page and all other relevant pages where Featured Properties appear. This is the highest visibility to any property on the Web site.

2. Standard
Feature your property at all relevant areas of the Web site other than the home page, such as search results and destination pages, etc.

For any of the above partner opportunities, please email us at mountainpartners@vacationroost.com  or  beachpartners@vacationroost.com

JOIN the VacationRoost Affiliate Program

  • Earn a commission for each vacation rental you send to us - our top affiliates average thousands a year in commissions!
  • We carry the Best Professionally-Managed Vacation Rentals in the Industry search from hundreds of thousands of properties in nearly 100 top ski and beach destinations.
  • Dedicated Program Management - An expert team is available to answer questions and to help make you a success.
  • Our Affiliate Headquarters - The average vacation rental commission is much higher than hotel commissions – more money for you!
  • Joining is free and easy! - Contact us at affiliate@vacationroost.com

To learn more about how to get a link on VacationRoost or to have a link on your site, please contact link@vacationroost.com

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