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VacationRoost Taxes and Fees

VacationRoost acts as an intermediary between travel service providers and you for the booking of and payment for travel services. The prices listed for travel services include the amounts paid to such travel service providers in connection with your travel arrangements, including applicable taxes, as well as our variable fee for facilitating such travel arrangements. Whenever the term "Taxes and Fees" is used by VacationRoost, it refers to our variable service fee plus applicable taxes and fees collected by us on behalf of the travel service provider.

VacationRoost collects certain taxes on behalf of such travel service providers, including hotels. These hotels and other travel service providers are solely obligated to collect any applicable taxes, governmental fees, and other charges and remit them to the government for your travel arrangements with them. What we collect from you is an estimate of the amount we expect the travel service providers to bill for such charges. The actual charges calculated by the travel service providers and due to the government may vary from the amount we collect from you, depending on the rates and taxability in effect at the time of your use of the travel services. You are responsible to pay any additional amounts that are required. Also, please note that you may incur other charges while traveling that are not payable to us and are not included in the quoted price, such as hotel extra-person or extra-bed charges, resort fees, gratuities, hotel energy surcharges, parking fees, telephone fees, room service, movies, mini-bar, or rental car insurance, gasoline, and other incidentals.

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