Nevada Vacation Rental Guide

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Explore deserts and mountains, casinos and culture in Nevada.Breathtaking natural scenery is one of the hallmarks of Nevada. Geographically, the state spans two deserts and several mountain ranges. Many of these mountains are forests in the sky overlooking arid desert plains.


Culturally and socially, Nevada is quite progressive. Cities such as Las Vegas and Reno have built their economies on gambling, and alcohol flows freely 24 hours a day. World-class museums freely share space with roadside attractions. With no income tax or franchise tax, Nevada is also a great place for entrepreneurs to settle.


Of course, the mountains -- and Lake Tahoe specifically -- are magnets for ski lovers from around the world. Nevada’s golf courses are legendary, and adventure travelers will enjoy climbing, biking, hiking and extreme sports.


Your Nevada vacation rental puts you in the heart of the action.With so many varied activities from which to choose, a vacation rental puts you in the middle of everything while providing a private space to which you can escape.