How to Book an Awesome Vacation Rental Home

Vacation rentals can be a hassle to book.  Most of the time customers spend hours online looking at homeowner listings that talk about the amazing features and location of every single rental. Booking an awesome vacation rental can be a huge time suck!  Even if you find a property that you like, you will still need to spend countless hours reaching out to individual homeowners, trying to verify whether the property is what is says it is, availability, how to handle payments (yikes) and communcation.

Personally, I would rather spend my time doing something else (anything else).  If you can find a company/person that will handle the logistics and payment part of the process, really you can spend your time finding an awesome property.  Enter VacationRoost - the solution to all the problems.  VacationRoost can take care of all your needs.  Secure online or offline booking, best rates and Destination Experts that can really help you find the best place to stay.  So now that you are comfortable with who you can use to book the rental, lets talk about finding an awesome rental.

What makes an awesome vacation rental?

1. Size -  First and foremost you want a place that has a decent number of bedrooms and bathrooms.  Look at it like you would real estate.  Square footage and rooms matter.  This will allow your entire group to have "running around room".

2. Location - Be aware of how close the vacation rental is to your main attraction(s).  Need to ask these vital question to someone who knows the are.

3. Time of Year - If possible, plan a trip that is not a major holiday and not the main travel season.  For ski vacation rentals - End of january, Feburary and March are great times.  For summer vacation rentals, end of August and September are ideal, possibly squeezing in the first part of June.  Rates will not be as high for some of the nicer places that usually for for twice the amount during peak season.

4. Ammenities - Game rooms/play rooms make it awesome! Think about how much time will be spend in the actual vacation rental.  A lot of them will have game rooms with things like pool tables, movies/TV, fuseball, games, bars and small kitchens.  Ask for a place that has these value adds.

Put those all together, you have yourself an awesome rental.  Call us today to help you find pure awesomeness!

Author: Ryan Hutchings | |