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Summit and Eagle County, Colorado

Summit and Eagle Counties are home to seven world class ski areas: Arapahoe Basin, Breckenridge, Beaver Creek, Copper Mountain, Keystone, Vail and Winter Park making it easy to ski more than one resort during your Colorado vacation. We've mapped out the I-70 corridor to give you an overview of what to expect at each resort -- including terrain and amenities -- along with the best way to combine resort visits during one trip.

A few possible itineraries include:

  • 7 Nights: Spend four nights in Dillon or Frisco and three nights at Winter Park. Then ski half day at Arapahoe Basin before heading to the airport on your last day.
  • 2 Night Romantic Getaway: Stay in Vail or Beaver Creek and ski at each resort one day.
  • 2 Night Weekend Reunion: Stay in Keystone for a weekend of great nightlife and fun with friends.
  • Summit County: Planning Your Trip

    First Stop: Arapahoe Basin - Click for Deals

    Arapahoe Basin, or A Basin, is the first stop on our I-70 tour. You'll actually get off on Hwy 6 and go over the scenic Loveland pass before arrive at A Basin. Keystone is also off of Hwy 6 and will be your next stop on the trip. While there is no logding at A Basin, you can easily ski a half day after you arrive in Colorado and then head towards your lodging in Keystone, Dillon, or Frisco. The same is true for your reverse trip -- check out of your hotel, ski a half day at A Basin and then head towards the airport. A Basin is known for its vintage charm - you won't find five-star lodges here - but you will find great terrain which is what A Basin is all about.

    Second Stop: Keystone - Click for Deals

    After your half day of skiing at A Basin you will head 10 minutes down Hwy 6 for Keystone. You'll definitely want to spend your apres time at Snake River Saloon, the Goat or Dillon Dam Brewery as they are known for epic parties. They also boast one of the best terrain parks in North America, A51 Terrain Park, that kids are sure to love. Keystone is a great place for families and one of the best areas for non-skiers offering cross-country skiing, a year-round tennis program, tubing, sleigh rides, and ice skating. You can stay slopeside at Keystone or continue on Hwy 6 for 10 more minutes to Dillon, for more lodging options.

    Third Stop: Breckenridge - Click for Deals

    Breckenridge is conveniently located just 30 minutes from Dillon and 20 minutes from Frisco. While the town of Breckenridge is a delightful place to stay, if you are looking to visit Keystone or Copper Mountain during one vacation you could easily stay in Frisco and make day trips to all three resorts. You could also mix it up and spend half of your time in Frisco and half in a ski-in/ski-out vacation rental in Breckenridge. You will definitely want to enjoy the nightlife of Breck, famous for its Gold Pan Saloon and Motherloaded Tavern.

    Fourth Stop: Copper Mountain - Click for Deals

    After spending time on Hwy 6 you'll jump back on I-70 to head to Copper Mountain. Just 25 minutes from Dillon and 10 minutes from Frisco, you can easily stay in either of these towns or at the base of Copper Mountain Resort. While at Copper Mountain be sure to take a free cat ride to Tucker Mountain to experience more than 1,200 feet of alpine bowl bliss.

    Eagle County: Planning Your Trip

    Fifth Stop: Vail - Click for Deals

    Continuing along I-70, Vail Valley is just 25 minutes northwest of Copper Mountain. Vail's Swiss-inspired architecture will make you feel like you're having a European skiing experience filled with luxury and great snow. Vail and Beaver Creek are the furthest resorts from Denver on I-70 but the closest resorts to the Eagle airport making them an ideal destination for a weekend getaway.

    Sixth Stop: Beaver Creek - Click for Deals

    Beaver Creek is the final stop on the I-70 tour. Beaver Creek is a great place to relax both on and off the slopes. They serve warm chocolate chip cookies to skiers on the mountain which is just one of the many ways you can relax after a great day of skiing. Beaver Creek is a quick thirty minute drive from Eagle airport. There are shuttle services to the airport from Beaver Creek as well as regular buses running between Beaver Creek and Vail (they're only 13 minutes apart!) so you can easily get around without a car.

    Bonus Stop: Winter Park - Click for Deals

    Winter Park is located just past A Basin about 24 miles off of I-70 on Hwy 40. For a week-long vacation, you could plan to spend your first four nights in Dillon or Frisco and your last three nights in Winter Park. The resort would be on the way to the airport and with its cozy, relaxing atmosphere it is a nice place to end your trip.

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