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Top 3 Scuba Destinations

When planning that perfect summer vacation, don’t forget to look at the scuba and snorkeling opportunities available. Scuba diving and snorkeling are two activities that can upgrade your vacation from great to absolutely amazing. The opportunity to swim in the ocean with thousands of beautiful sea creatures is simultaneously exciting and relaxing. There are a ton of places to scuba or snorkel, but there are a few select destinations where the fish seem to be a little more colorful, the water a little clearer, and the variety of sea creature sightings a little more abundant. Check out three of our favorite scuba and snorkel destinations!

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Destin, Florida

A scuba trip in Destin, Florida is the perfect experience for anyone looking at a tropical getaway close to home. Divers and snorklers alike will thrive in the calm and crystal clear waters among natural limestone ridges that attract various forms of marine life. Part of the De Soto Canyon, the limestone ridges bring in the deep waters, closer than any other point in the Gulf of Mexico. With those deep waters come dolphins, manta rays, sea turtles, and an abundance of tropical fish and crustaceans. Wreckage off the coast bring a historical factor to any dive, including four barges, two Liberty Ships, landing crafts, old tugboats, and the old Destin bridge. Destin is a unique diving spot because the water is warm, the marine life is diverse and unpredictable, and the memories will be endless.

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Maui/Kauai, Hawaii

There is just nothing quite like diving in Hawaii, and Maui and Kauai offer some of the best scuba opportunities. Maui offers several different spots on the island for great visibility and discovery. Dive off-shore in the famous Molokini Crater where visibility ranges at over 200 feet, or take a twilight or nighttime dive to experience marine life in the most tranquil of states. Kauai's scuba opportunities, although similar to Maui, will also offer a unique experience only found on that island. Explore underwater caves and lava tubes near the North and South shores, or thrilling spots near the East and West. Kauai is all about creating your own sea story, whether it is discovering Kauai's geological history underwater or watching sea turtles graze during the day. Both Maui and Kauai have a story to tell and it is up to you if you want to live it.

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St. Martin/Sint Maarten

Shared by the French and Dutch, diving opportunities in St. Martin/Sint Maarten are unique because visitors can indulge in both the French and Dutch lifestyles. Marine life is in not shortage in these warm, turquoise Caribbean waters, and the locals have gone so far as to name some of the residents along the French and Charlies Shoals reefs. Visit Tanya the Hawksbill sea turtle and Angelina the Green turtle, residents of the reefs for almost 4 years now. If you are feeling especially adventurous, go on a safe shark dive with a professional feeder and get the chance to interact with small Caribbean Reef Sharks in their natural habitat. Dive around the Ghost Carib wreck, a ship purposely sunk and made safe for divers and exploration. The Shark Hotel offers another man-made site, home to Black Fin sharks waiting to bed fed. .

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