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Ways to Save on a Ski Vacation

Vacations can be pricey and ski vacations are no exception. They don't have to be though. There are tons of ways to save money on your next ski trip. We'll outline a few ways here but the number one way to save money is to talk to a local Destination Expert before you book your travel. It's free to call and they can give you tips about your entire trip.

Ways to Save

  • Consider a vacation rental if you are traveling with a group. The cost/person can be substantially cheaper with a vacation rental and they have the added benefits of things like a kitchen, ski storage and private hot tubs.

  • Be smart about your airline booking. One way to do this is to book your flight using airline miles. If you don't have enough miles to book today, research which of your existing cards give you the most miles and use that card to pay all of your bills. You can also take advantage of bonus miles on your credit cards to earn more points. If airline miles are not for you, then be sure to book your travel in advance to make sure you get the best deals.

  • Buy lift tickets in bulk. Lift tickets can be one of the largest expenses of a ski trip. Buying in bulk can save you hundreds of dollars on your ski vacation. You can call the resort for deals, talk with a local ski shop, visit stores like REI or Costco, or simply book with us and we'll set you up with discounted lift tickets. If you are considering two ski vacations in one year a season pass might be the way to go. The cost/day lowers every time you use it.

  • Consider renting equipment. If you are an avid skier you most likely own your own gear (which we hope you got a good deal on at a local ski swap!). If you do not own your own gear, then renting equipment has many benefits: it can be less expensive than buying the equipment; you don't have to pay an airline checked bag fee to take your equipment with you; some rental companies like skibutlers.com will deliver rental equipment right to your door saving you the hassle of transporting your gear; and booking equipment before your trip usually comes with a discount.

  • Pack a lunch. Resort towns are famous for fine-dining and fancy cuisine. In order to afford the nights out on the town, you can save money by bringing a lunch with you while you ski. Pack a bag with granola bars, hot chocolate packs and fruit and your wallet will thank you later.

  • Use free transportation. Many resort towns, such as Vail and Park City, offer complimentary buses throughout the city. They tend to be clean and run frequently. Hotels also offer free shuttles and some even do airport pickups. Book your airport transit before your trip for the best deals and then take advantage of public transit while at the resort.

  • Avoid baggage fees. Ski clothing can be bulky. If you are checking your ski equipment, consider packing some of your larger clothing items into the bag. They'll serve as padding and save you the need to check an extra bag. For advanced travelers, you can ship your clothing and gear to your destination before your trip to avoid hassle and airline fees.

  • Eat with the locals. As with any travel destination, resorts town do have tourist traps. On the chairlifts be-friend a local and ask them for the best dining options. Their picks will typically be less expensive than the tourist attractions.

  • Call a Destination Expert! This is the number one way you can save money on a ski vacation. Vacation packages come with discounts on activities, dining and lift tickets. Our Destination Expert are happy to talk with you about how to find the best deals in any resort town.
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