VacationRoost Ambassador Program

VacationRoost Ambassador Program (VAP)

General VAP Information

VacationRoost is passionate about providing its customers with the most relevant and updated travel content in the Vacation Rental industry.

VAP Requirements

  1. Ambassadors must have their own blog - VAP ambassadors are not VacationRoost employees.
  2. Ambassadors must submit 2 articles per month – Each VAP submits two articles each month for six months. One article is posted on the VacationRoost blog and the 2nd article is posted on the VAP's personal blog.

Our Ambassadors

How to apply to become an ambassador

Our VacationRoost Ambassador Program runs for 6 months at a time. We accept applications throughout the year. Click Here to submit an application.

For questions or more details email social@vacationroost.com