Guaranteed Best Price and Rate for Your Vacation Rental

When you search our listings for vacation homes for rent, you can be assured they are the best deals on the Internet. Since 2001, we’ve built trust, credibility and strong relationships with property managers and other companies. The relationships and networks we’ve formed over these years have helped us secure contracts with suppliers to give us the best rates online.

We take pride in offering the best deals and the greatest value for your money. Our experience pays off and you can rest assured that our rate is the best on the Web.

Our guarantee is simple: If you find a better rate somewhere else, we’ll match it or give you a refund.

What does this mean?

It means the professionally-managed vacation rentals with the best price are on VacationRoost. Since the property management companies are legally bound to give us the best rates, you will also get the best rates on the Web through us.

How it works

If you find a better rate within 24 hours of booking a vacation rental with us, VacationRoost will refund the difference or release your reservation with a full refund.*

How do I submit my Best Rate Guarantee claim?

To submit your Best Rate Guarantee claim, email bestrate@vacationroost.com and include:

  • Your name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • What property you plan to stay in
  • Arrival date
  • Departure date
  • Where you found the lower rate
  • Total cost of lodging
  • Phone number of listing source

How soon can I expect a response from the claim department regarding my claim?

A representative will contact you within one business day via email or telephone.

* Terms and Conditions

  • Rate must be for the exact same property, quality level, number of guests, and same currency.
  • Rate is based on total cost of lodging, including all taxes, fees and surcharges.
  • Departure and arrival dates must be the same.
  • Lower rate must be viewable to all general consumers online.
  • Rate cannot be a bulk rate for groups, travel organizations, or available to members of membership clubs or programs.
  • Guarantee does not apply to credential, negotiated, convention, award redemption, coupon, package, or travel industry rate programs.
  • Guarantee does not include websites that “package” travel, entertainment, hotel, and/or food components.
  • Program does not apply to rates offered without the specific hotel and location being disclosed until the consumer completes reservation.

You must submit the claim from another website by emailing bestrate@vacationroost.com within 24 hours of booking your original reservation. VacationRoost must verify the lower rate on the other website. Once we have determined that your claim meets all the terms and conditions of our Best Rate Guarantee and has been properly submitted, we will issue your refund.